62 billion is the number of tonnes of mineral resources, metals, fossil fuels, biomass and building materials that are extracted worldwide each year (source: OECD report “Sustainable Materials Management” and published on 23 November 2012).

A volume that has increased by 65% ​​for twenty-five years.

In 30 years, our planet has lost 30% of its natural resources

For 30 years, raw materials have become scarce from year to year, with a frenzy of extraction often not respectful of the environment and local populations.

Increasing energy consumption

The search for new sources of energy is becoming more and more strongly felt by the decrease in fossil fuel reserves and the increase in their extraction costs. Proven reserves for coal exceed 140 years against 54 years for oil, but this will generate for the current and future generation of men a real problem of the cost of energy and access to it.

The search for energy savings is also a way to reduce the pressure of the cost of energy, which is increasing year by year.

The search for energy self-sufficiency by producing renewable energy for its needs is also a way to reduce this pressure of energy costs. This solution has the advantage of avoiding energy losses to achieve the production of energy, or to make the transformation of a material into energy and then in the end by the loss of the transport of this energy produced collectively (these energy losses can represent at least 15% and up to 30%).

The increase in the world’s population (7 billion at the end of 2011) and in particular the emergence and development of emerging countries that aspire to be at the same level of consumer goods as a European, such as China and India to train:

  • Increase in mass consumption

  • Increased resource requirements

  • Increased energy needs Concentration of populations in cities

  • Increased pollution on the environment

It is urgent to reduce our CO2 emissions and adopt eco-responsible behavior


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