The 5 primary needs of the human being are:

  1. – The air: the human being needs to breathe
  2. – Food: the human being needs to feed himself
  3. – The roof: the human being needs to lodge
  4. – Energy: the human being needs to heat himself
  5. – Clothing: the human being needs to dress

     We can interact on 3 primordial needs of the human being:

  •      By intervening on the quality of the air by hydrometry of the air inside the building, by the reforestation which captures the carbon and restores oxygen, and by the carbon storage in the buildings.
  •      By intervening on the quality of the buildings constructed with renewable raw materials, without any pollutant, entirely recyclable, and with a constant and near availability.    
  •     By intervening on the energy consumption of a building, by satisfying 70% of the energy needs of the building thanks to the thermal envelope very powerful of this one.


      The cheapest energy is the one that is not consumed.

      We can also consider that needs 2 and 5 are impacted by the savings carried out on needs 3 and 4.


Our material PLANT BUILDING allows, thanks to its thermal performance over 100 % higher than other bulk carriers materials, easily meet various regulatory thermal standards in the building.

Our PLANT BUILDING material also ensures the safety of people and property in case of fire because there is no deformation by fire and fire resistant.

Our material PLANT BUILDING provides for the construction of new building by its cost and installation cost solution.

Building constructions face stress due to thermal standards and various materials currently on the market, which generate :

  • An increase in the cost (more labor, more insulation material).
  • A reduction in living space (thicker walls).
  • An increased risk perenity time (insulation products are bunched in time and no longer fulfill their function).
  • Increased with the use of insulating increasingly thick (highly flammable insulation and fire that spread) risk.
  • Increased for insurance on the building risk (lack of perenity and thermal stability over time and greater fire risk) . 









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