Storage of CO2 by the material

The material using plant as main raw material, it allows a continuous storage according to the lifespan of a building and it can be recycled in case of destruction of a building.

The storage of CO2 is therefore permanent.

CO2 storage by the forest Subsidies are provided for replanting trees to build carbon sinks. This operation makes it possible to establish a circular economy and a development around the production plant of the material by using local raw material. If forests are recognized as “carbon sinks”, it is equally important to understand that a tree has a lifespan limited to a few decades or centuries depending on the species, and that consequently At the end of its life, it decomposes and thus restores the carbon dioxide it has absorbed during its growth. This is why, in order to avoid a zero CO2 balance, it should be harvested at maturity and stored for the long term.

Storage of CO2 by the material

CO2 capture by the plant and O2 recovery

Photosynthesis of the plant